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Haida Argillite and Wood Carving Photo Gallery......All of these items are unique, hand crafted and one of a kind.......You may "PURCHASE" these items via "CONTACT US."

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Rufus Mood argillite totem pole
SOLD #103-The two delicately suspended killer whales make this a very high quality Rufus Moody totem pole. The other figures are eagle, bear and Thunderbird. Argillite from Haida Gwaii. 

Argillite killer whales Haida Art

SOLD #197-A unique argillite sculpture by Francis Pollard features mother and baby killer whales. The eyes are inlaid with abalone. Haida art. 

Pat Dixon argillite carving

SOLD #137-This innovative piece of work is an argillite candlestick holder. A box style design is wrapped around the whole piece. By Pat Dixon, Haida.

Argillite box Haida carving

SOLD #162-The box is an unsigned older piece of work. The designs on the ends and sides are probably bear and dragonfly or mosquito.
#184-The box lid, a companion piece, was done later by Pat Dixon and is Wasco with Killer whale. All Haida argillite from the Queen Charlotte Inslands, now named Haida Gwaii

Killer whale argillite carving

SOLD #196-This fierce creature with the big teeth and inlaid eyes is a Haida Killer Whale.
The carver is Jack Pollard.  4" tall 


                 #166-An argillite sculpture by Ron Wilson represents a Haida shark. Nice detail and highly polished First Nations Art.

Argillite platter Pat Dixon Haida carver

#142-This large argillite platter is an example of Pat Dixon's or any Haida Carvers finest work. The figures are eagle and killer whale. The inlay is abalone shell and the background is fully cross hatched.

Totem pole argillite carving Tom Hans

#116 SOLD  Tom Hans work is often easy to identify by it's precise form and carved base. Haida argillite carved in the 1960's. 

Argillite carving totem pole

#153- SOLD There is a lot of detail on this small argillite totem pole. Though unsigned it appears to be the work of Robert Davidson Sr.

Argillite eagle raven bear totem

#104-SOLD-Master carver Claud Davidson managed to place 6 figures on this detailed pole. Haida argillite from the Queen Charlotte Is.

Totem pole Rufus Moody Argillite

SOLD #2-This 22" tall totem pole is classic Rufus Moody work. Using argillite from the Slatechuck creek this is a big totem.

Very old argillite totem pole

#149-SOLD This old style Haida argillite pole is done in the style of George Smith. The top figure is raven but the others are unidentified.

Argillite pipe Haida carving raven

#138-SOLD-This Haida argillite pipe has a bone mouthpiece. The figures are human, raven and frog. Attributed to Moses Ingram, this pipe can be smoked.

Pat McGuire argillite carving

#136- Very rare to see an argillite carving in progress. A real collectable as the artist, Pat McGuire died before he could finish it.

Davidson totem pole argillite Haida

#134-SOLD-Claud Davidson carved the argillite totem pole that features eagle, halibut, raven, bear and frog. Haida  6 1/4" tall.

Old argillite totem pole Haida

#118-SOLD-This old pole has a wooden base. The carver is unknown but the work is very finely done. Thunderbird on eagle and bear?

Eagle bear frog totem pole

#156-SOLD Haida Argillite totem pole carved by Robert Davidson Sr. Eagle with frog, bear and another bear with frog. Height 6 1/4"

Pat McGuire argillite totem pole

SOLD   #161-A good example of why Pat McGuire's work is so highly valued. This Haida argillite pole features Eagle, Raven & Wasco.

Tsonoqua mask cedar Val Stickings

#204-SOLD  Red cedar Tsonoqua (Wild Woman) mask by Val Stickings. This is a Kwa-guilth style mask carved, painted and with horse hair.

Beaver carving Freida Diesing Haida

#167-Haida Beaver with Gnawing stick carving in red cedar by Freida Diesing. This is a very high quality carving from 1971.

Skidigate eagle & beaver totem pole

SOLD #186-This totem pole is a replica of the famous Skidigate Eagle and Beaver pole. Over 1 1/2 feet tall and carved by Billy Stevens

Skitigate eagle figure argillite

#188-SOLD Haida argillite Eagle figure from the Skidigate Eagle and Beaver pole. Carved  in Skitigate by Billy Stevens after the original fell.

16 inch argillite totem pole

SOLD #189-This is a stunning 16" Haida argillite pole by Pat Dixon. From the top the figures are Eagle, Whale, Raven and Beaver with gnawing stick.

Simon Charlie cedar mask Cowichan

#195-The only Coast Salish piece in the collection this is a red cedar Human face mask by master carver Simon Charlie.

Argillite pendants Pat McGuire Haida carving

#148, #182, #175-Pendants carved by Pat McGuire. Haida designs in argillite. Eagle, Frog, and Sun Spirit from Haida Gwaii.

ivory totem pole Kwa-guilth design

#140 SOLD #205, #139 SOLD-Ivory totem poles carved and painted in the Kwa-guilth style. Origin is unknown. Pole on the left has a drum base. Probably walrus tusk ivory.

Sisiutle and Tsonoqua cedar carving Kwa-guilth

#199-SOLD-This high relief red cedar panel depicts Sisiutle, the two headed sea monster along with wild woman, Tsonoqua and child. This is Kwa-guilth art by Bob Whonnock.

Paddles carved first nations art

SOLD #177-A pair of red cedar paddles carved and painted by Mark Spence about 1939. This is old style Haida art by a renowned artist.

Pat Dixon Haida artist carving argillite

             Pat Dixon carving the platter #142

Freida Deising Haida mask carving

                   Frieda Diesing with two of her masks when she lived and worked in Prince Rupert.

Pacific Northwest Coast argillite carving.

Arts of the Pacific Northwest Coast argillite carving.

Haida Argillite carvers and there carvings.

Argillite totem pole carvers.

Pacific Northwest Coast Silk screen prints and paintings for sale

Argillite carving and totem poles for sale.